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Yuri ピラティス

・Polestar Pilates mat / reformer

・The Center for Women’s Fitness









・ POLESTAR Pilates mat

・ POLESTAR Pilates reformer

・ The Center for Women’s Fitness

  Maternity and postpartum Pilates accreditation


The reasons I started Pilates were to improve my body shape, after giving birth to my second daughter, and to improve back pain, which I had been experienced since my early teens.

After I started doing Pilates I felt positive changes in my body, and then I decided to increase the number of sessions I was taking from once a week to twice a week. Iwas encouraged to see my body change, and that led me to go to the studio almost every day. From that point I decided to become an instructor.


When I faced my body, I saw my physical shortcomings, but now I am free from lower back pain. Flexibility in my body returned, and above all, by strengthening my coremuscles, I feel that I am stronger and able to do anything.


I hope that I can help clients to build a body that allows them to spend their daily lives comfortably.

Let’s do Pilates together!




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